Occupier Consultancy

Commercial property management for Occupiers

As agents and consultants with a wealth of contacts across urban centres, retail complexes and the high street, we help brands expand their footprint, find optimum new locations, create flagship stores or exciting headquarters and structure leases to ensure value.

Occupier Consultancy

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Taking a UK-wide view of the commercial property market

While pace is important in this market, so is patience. For us, it’s never about brokering a quick deal and moving onto the next. We live and breathe every deal as though it was our own equity at stake. That’s why we provide honest and candid advice at every stage of the process, so you have a complete view of the moving parts and can make the most informed decision.

Our knowledge goes beyond the brands and buildings – we know the listings, the locations and the landlords, which enables us to provide you with a 360-perspective on any given situation.

What’s more, is that we understand you and your business – your portfolio history, your property wishlist and your strategic goals. Working as your dedicated partner, to make it happen. 

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